Crowns and Fillings for Modesto Children from Kids World Dental

If your child develops a cavity, he or she will need either a dental filling or dental crown. Fillings are used when cavities are small, affecting just one spot on a tooth. If a cavity gets too big, or several decayed spots appear on a tooth, a dental crown may be necessary. Dr. Desai at Kids World Dental in Modesto can provide both for your child, restoring dignity of the tooth.

Children’s Dental Fillings

We can provide your child with composite tooth-colored fillings. Why are these fillings preferable? First, they’re more cosmetically appealing, having a natural appearance that blends in with the rest of the affected tooth. Second, they don’t contain mercury. Traditionally, dental fillings have contained trace amounts of mercury. Mercury is a highly toxic substance that can seriously affect your child’s overall health. While the small amount found in a filling might not seem like a big deal, we feel it’s best to avoid exposure all together.

Children’s Dental Crowns

If you bring your child to our Modesto children’s dental office regularly, our hope is that cavities won’t get very large. We’ll be able to catch them early, preventing the need for a dental crown. However, sometimes cavities form so quickly it can be impossible to avoid the need for a crown. Children are also highly prone to dental injury. If your child falls and breaks a tooth while playing on the playground, we can restore his or her oral function with a dental crown.

If your child is in need of a dental crown or filling, contact Kids World Dental in Modesto. We also see patients from Ceres, Empire, and surrounding towns.