Children’s Dental Checkups and More at Kids World Dental in Modesto

The general children’s dental care your child will receive at Kids World Dental revolves around one main goal: preventing cavities. You might not think of cavities as being a big problem for kids. However, kids most often develop cavities because they’re just learning proper oral hygiene techniques – they’re just not as thorough about brushing and flossing as adults. And with kids drinking more sugary sodas these days than ever before, proper oral hygiene is even more important.

At Kids World Dental, we recommend your child comes in for his or her first visit around age one. Why so early? Even though your child’s first set of teeth will eventually fall out to make room for his or her permanent, adult teeth, we want to get your child started early so we can keep an eye on their development and prevent damage to their sensitive baby teeth. Starting early also helps set your child’s mind at ease about future visits.

Your Kid’s First Visit to Kids World Dental

Before your child’s first dental care visit to our Modesto office, we encourage you to speak to your child about what’s going to happen. Use positive talk – avoid making the visit sound uncomfortable or negative in any way. During the actual visit, we will perform a visual exam, take X-rays if it seems necessary, provide fluoride treatment, and perform a gentle cleaning. The main goal of these very first dental appointments is to set the stage for dental care down the road. The earlier your child gets comfortable with dental exams and hygiene visits, the more likely they’ll be to understand the importance of oral healthcare in the future.

As your child ages, we will provide dental sealants, fluoride treatments, and keep track of any possible cavities. If problems do arise, we can provide dental fillings, crowns, and pulpotomies for your child as well.

We welcome children from Modesto, Empire, Ceres, and surrounding towns at Kids World Dental, where they’ll find a children’s dentist who makes receiving the care they need as easy as can be. Contact us to schedule a dental checkup visit for your child.