Partial Dentures for Children from Kids World Dental

Kids lose their primary, or baby, teeth. It’s a natural progression, and they are quickly replaced by permanent secondary, or adult, teeth. But what happens if your child loses a primary tooth for some reason? This does happen, whether it’s due to an injury that knocks out the baby tooth or extensive damage from decay. When a child’s primary tooth is lost, replacement is important. Leaving the empty space will allow for other teeth to shift, and this is especially true for children, as their mouths have not finished growing and developing yet. That’s why we provide partial dentures for children at Kids World Dental in Modesto.

A partial denture consists of a tooth or several teeth set in a soft tissue-colored base. This base then clasps to remaining teeth, holding the partial denture in place. Why choose a partial denture to replace your child’s missing primary teeth? Partial dentures are removable, allowing for new dentures to be created as your child’s mouth continues to develop. However, until your child is done growing, he or she needs a form of tooth replacement that can be modified over time.

Of course, our hope is that your child will never need a partial denture. If your child loses a primary tooth because of injury, place the tooth in a small container with a little milk or saliva and contact our Modesto children’s dental office immediately. If attended early enough, there’s a chance we can save the tooth. If not, we can provide your child with a partial denture.

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