When tooth decay reaches the canal where the pulp inside the tooth resides, an adult receives root canal therapy in an effort to keep the tooth from being lost. But what do we do when this situation arises in your child’s baby teeth? You might think that we would simply leave the tooth alone – it’s eventually going to fall out anyway. However, an infected tooth nerve can cause serious tooth pain, and we don’t want your child to lose his or her primary teeth too early. These teeth serve as a guide for the secondary (permanent) teeth. Losing them too early can lead to orthodontic problems and/or a delay in permanent tooth eruption. If the nerve that runs through your child’s primary tooth becomes infected, Dr. Desai can perform a pulpotomy at our Modesto children’s dental office.

How does a pulpotomy work?

A pulpotomy differs from a root canal in that we don’t remove all of the tissue inside the tooth. The aim of a root canal is very different from that of a pulpotomy. Root canal therapy is designed to save a tooth, while a pulpotomy is simply used to halt the spread of infection, stop the pain, and save the tooth until it falls out on its own or until the permanant tooth is ready to erupt. We removed the infected pulp and fill the chamber with a medicated filling to support the remaining nerve.

Kids World Dental provides dental care, including pulpotomies, for children in Modesto, Ceres, Empire, and surrounding towns. If your child is experiencing a toothache, contact us to schedule an appointment with children’s dentist Dr. Satyen Desai.