Children’s Tooth Extraction

One of the most common dental procedures performed on older children is tooth extraction. Having third molars (wisdom teeth) removed is practically a rite of passage for youth today. Why? Wisdom teeth can encounter a number of problems including:

  • Wisdom teeth can actually grow horizontally if there isn’t enough room, meaning they never erupt and, instead, become impacted.
  • A partially erupted wisdom tooth never comes in all the way, and this leaves the gums around the partially erupted wisdom tooth more prone to gum disease.
  • Even when a wisdom tooth erupts fully, it may be so difficult to clean properly that gum irritations and infections occur frequently.

Wisdom tooth extraction is performed to preempt possible problems that could occur down the road.

As your child ages, we will regularly take dental X-rays, which allow us to keep an eye on the growth and progress of their wisdom teeth. This is how we will catch impacted wisdom teeth, for instance. If it appears that your child’s wisdom teeth are not developing normally, Dr. Desai at Kids World Dental can perform a tooth extraction.

Your child might experience extreme anxiety at the thought of a tooth extraction. If so, Kids World Dental offers general anesthesia and nitrous, allowing your child to relax during the tooth extraction procedure performed at our Modesto children’s dental care office.

Kids World Dental provides children’s tooth extractions in Modesto, offering care to patients from Ceres, Empire, and surrounding towns as well. If you suspect that your child or teen could have wisdom tooth problems, contact us for a visit, during which we can discuss the possibility of an extraction and any questions you might have.