Kids Are the Center of the Oral Health Universe at Kids World Dental

Kids make the world go round – they light up our lives with their little smiles, and they keep us going with all their energy! That’s why kids are so special, and you’ll want to protect those little smiles so they can grow up into big smiles. At Kids World Dental, children’s dentist Dr. Satyen Desai provides Modesto families with the gentle, attentive dental care kids need to set their minds at ease and even make trips to the dentist fun! Convenient to Ceres, Empire, and Hughson, Kids World Dental believes that excellent oral health starts early.

Out of This World Dental Care in Modesto

Children sometimes require dental care services specific to their needs, and Kids World Dental offers a full menu of children’s dentistry options to kids from the Modesto area. Dr. Desai has years of experience working in a pediatric dentistry practice, and he understands that when it comes to children’s dental care, a calming demeanor is just as important as clinical knowledge. He offers both. For children who experience overwhelming anxiety during trips to the dentist, he offers general anesthesia and nitrous at his Modesto office.

As your child grows, dental care is an essential part of his or her overall wellness plan. Healthy bodies deserve healthy smiles. For residents of Modesto, Ceres, Empire, and surrounding communities, Kids World Dental can help keep kids’ smiles healthy with education, oral health services, and a dose of fun for good measure. Contact us to learn more about Kids World Dental and to make an appointment with Dr. Desai.